SMART Marketing is the operational philosophy

of Braintree, and the standard against which we

measure every strategy, every tactic, every media

buy and every creative concept that makes its way

into our clients’ marketing plans.

Smart Marketing is Strategic Marketing
Most marketing programs start at the tactical stage, skipping past the essential steps of goal setting and strategy planning. To figure out how to get there, first you must decide where you want to go.

Smart Marketing is Complete Marketing
Marketing is more than advertising. We analyze every aspect of the marketing communications mix to determine what tactics will best accomplish your goals. Braintree supplies a complete solution, from determining goals and strategies, creating an action plan, implementing the plan and evaluating the results.

Smart Marketing is Budget-Conscious Marketing
We understand the practicalities of realistic marketing budgets and create goals, strategies and action plans that work using only the resources available.

Smart Marketing is Practical Marketing
While we strive for creative excellence in everything we do, we also understand that irrelevant brilliance is wasted energy and money. We never let creative expression interfere with return on investment.

Smart Marketing is Client-Centered Marketing
Nobody understands your business the way you do. You’ve been there. You’ve done that. And we’re smart enough to remember that.